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worse day of my life..

my friend drove over a skunk.. 

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Elaine Kruer was able to watch a mother carefully move her cubs to their den. The process was very special and a reminder of how gentle nature can be. “When her grip began to slip, rather than tighten her grasp, she would lay them down and use her paws to reposition them ever so carefully,” says Elaine. (source)

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you want an understanding but you don’t even try to understand.

you want to be better but doesn’t have a solution to anything. 

you want to be happy but you don’t do anything to make yourself happy

you want someone to love you but you push the ones you love away

you know what you are, you are a foolish coward who leaves when things are hard

you want things but you don’t do anything about it.

you want things but you don’t know what you want 

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